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Princess Drive

(with Windsor Close)


One of the main roads through the Bollington Cross housing estate. Road naming is a bit confusing round here – Princess Drive doesn’t actually start at Bollington Road (see below), it then turns right at Heath Road and goes to the main Bollington Road.

Windsor Close is of similar semi-detached houses adjoining Princess Drive.

Approach off Kingsway (no exit to Bollington Road from here, lower picture), or Bollington Road at Turner Heath.

Leads to Consort Close, Windsor Close, Heath Road.

Nearest shops – Ovenhouse Lane, Bollington Road.

Nearest pub – Cock & Pheasant.

Council Ward – West.

  Princess Drive actually begins at the junction with Kingsway (by the first house on the left in the picture, left) The first bit of road in this picture is Kingsway coming from Bollington Road (not as shown on the town map) and is a one way street.