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(1803 - 1872)
(1807 - 1849)
[daughter] RAFFLES

Married: About 1907
 bd.  About 1836
 dd.  8 Sept 1912, age about 76; Chorlton, Lancashire UK
 occ.  Director at Clarence mill
 res.  Hollin Hall, Kerridge, Cheshire
Old Hollin Hall, Kerridge, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [12]
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  UK
Spouses: 1, 2

Joseph BROOKE jnr b.c.1836 Joseph BROOKE jnr b.c.1836 with daughter Mary Eleanor b.1869

No issue

Notes for Joseph BROOKE II

Residence - Joseph BROOKE is thought to have built Hollin Hall (the one that is now the hotel).

Notes for Agnes Amy BULLEY

Surname not certain, but thought to have been BULLEY, a sister of Joseph's first wife, Mary Raffles BULLEY. Marrying a previous wife's sister was illegal until 1907, so it looks as though this might have been a marriage immediately after that change.


12.  Book, 1973, reprinted 1986, Cotton Town, Wilmslow Historical Society

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