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Married: 12 Oct 1834
(1809 - 1900)
 bd.  22 June 1809; Disley, Cheshire UK
 dd.  8 Aug 1900, age 91; Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
 occ.  Agricultural labourer
 res.  1850: Turner Heath House, Bollington Cross, Cheshire UK
New Zealand
 src.   [157]
 dd.  Deceased, age not recorded
 res.  1850: Turner Heath House, Bollington Cross, Cheshire UK
New Zealand
 src.   [157]

Children (8):

James GASKELL (1839 - 1921)
Edward GASKELL (1842 - 1913)
Mary GASKELL (1845 - 1922)
Martha GASKELL (1848 - 1936)
Harriet Ann GASKELL (1850 - 1927)
Thomas Matthew GASKELL (1852 - 1924)
Ellen Elizabeth GASKELL (1856 - 1930)
Catherine Ann GASKELL (1858 - 1878)

Family notes for Thomas GASKELL and Sarah FEARNS

Thomas & Sarah together with their five eldest children emigrated to New Zealand leaving London on 8th April 1851, arriving Canterbury NZ on 12th August 1851, sailing on the good ship Labuan. [157]

It is interesting to note that the second youngest child, 3 year old Martha, travelled in 'paying steerage' class while the rest of the family travelled 'steerage'. Very good to put the infant in a better class, but who would look after her? And why was the 1 year old Harriet Ann in 'steerage'? [102]


102.  Personal information, Webmaster, Research / Interview
157.  Email, Jo-Anna Cousineau, 27/09/2021

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