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BirthFemale; About 1827; Bollington, Cheshire
Death1905, age 78; 53 Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire UK
Death MemoRegistered 1Q1905 Macclesfield 8a 86
Burial8 March 1905; St Peter's, Prestbury, Cheshire UK
ResidenceFrom mid-1860s (on marriage): Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire
1871: 53 Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
MotherNot recorded


Married, 1866
BirthMale; 1820; Adlington, Cheshire
Baptism2 April 1820; St Peter's church, Prestbury, Cheshire
Death1882, age 62; Bollington, Cheshire
Burial13 March 1882; St Peter's church, Prestbury, Cheshire
Occupation1841: Cotton weaver
1851: Clock & watch maker; Thomas Warburton & Son
Residence1851: High Street, Bollington, Cheshire
1861: Great High Street (Palmerston Street), Bollington
1871: Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
Marriage 20 Aug 1866, St Peter's, Prestbury, Cheshire [141]
Child (1):Annie (1873 - )

Notes for Elizabeth OLDHAM

1891: The widow Elizabeth is living off her own means in Palmerston Street with her daughter Annie (18), a school teacher.
1901: as above but now with Annie (27) and her husband William COLLIS and their children Mary (8), and Percy (5). [141]

Notes for Thomas WARBURTON

Watchmaking business active at least from 1857 - 1878. [141]

Thomas's baptism records his mother Alice as a spinster. He took his mother's name of WARBURTON. On his marriage record (1843) his father is named as Thomas HATTON. However, his sister Martha later indicated that their father was John WILDE (see mother Alice's notes). [141]

Family notes for Elizabeth OLDHAM and Thomas WARBURTON

Thomas and Elizabeth were married some time in the 1860s, after the death of Thomas's first wife, Ellen BURTON. [141]


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141.  Document, John Medley, 06 October 2020, The Warburton family of Bollington

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