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BirthFemale; 1 April 1873; Bollington, Cheshire UK
Birth MemoRegistered 2Q1873 Macclesfield 8a 112
Baptism27 April 1873; St Christopher's, Pott Shrigley, Cheshire
DeathDeceased, age not recorded


Married, 1892
BirthMale; About 1867
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
OccupationCotton reeling overlooker
Residence1892: Henshall Street (Road?), Bollington, Cheshire
1901: Palmerston Street, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
Marriage 25 Feb 1892, Brunswick Chapel, Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Children (2):Mary (~1893 - )
Percy (~1896 - )

Notes for William COLLIS

1901: lived together with his family with his mother-in-law in Palmerston Street. Wife Annie lived here before their marriage, so they possibly lived here from their marriage. [141]


141.  Document, John Medley, 06 October 2020, The Warburton family of Bollington

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