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BirthMale; 1803
Baptism12 May 1805; St Peter's church, Birstall, Yorkshire UK
Death3 Feb 1872, age about 68; Chester, Cheshire UK
Burial9 March 1872; St John's Church, Bollington, Cheshire
Burial MemoPlot 906
ResidenceLimefield, Clarence Road, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
MotherNot recorded

Joseph BROOKE snr b.1803 Joseph BROOKE snr b.1803 as an older man


Married, 1829
BirthFemale; 1807
Death29 July 1849, age about 42
Death MemoAfter giving birth [56]
Burial3 Aug 1849; St John's Church, Bollington, Cheshire UK
Burial MemoPlot 906
ResidenceLimefield, Clarence Road, Bollington, Cheshire UK, UK

Anne SWINDELLS, b.1807

Marriage 22 Oct 1829, Manchester Cathedral, Lancashire UK
Children (8):John (1833 - 1869)
Joseph (~1836 - 1912)
Anne (1839 - 1869)
Henry (1841 - 1875)
Mary Eleanor (1843 - 1922)
Emma Frances (1844 - 1926)
Sophia (Died in infancy) (1847 - 1848)
Arthur Swindells 'Hugh' (1849 - 1921)

Married, 1850
DeathDeceased, age not recorded
ResidencePagham, (West) Sussex
Limefield, Clarence Road, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
Marriage 7 Aug 1850, St Thomas a'Becket church, Pagham, (West) Sussex UK
Marriage MemoService conducted by R Barker
Children (4):Florence Dalton (1851 - )
Agnes (1853 - )
Clara Maude (1855 - )
Sarah Blanche (1856 - )

Notes for Ann SWINDELLS

After living in Manchester for a short time, during which her husband acted as his father in law's agent, they came to Limefield, a house which old Martin Swindells built for them on a hill and near to the great Clarence mill, and Joseph became partner to him. Limefield became the property of Joseph and Anne Brooke nee Swindells.

Family notes for Joseph BROOKE I and Sarah DALTON

Witnesses to the marriage were: Jane Barker, Mary Watkins, W Dalton, Harriet Dalton.


12.  Book, 1973, reprinted 1986, Cotton Town, Wilmslow Historical Society
56.  Email, Susan Armstead, 27 January 2011

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