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Ashbrook Road

(with West Close)

Built in the 1960s and 70s this cul de sac contains large brick built detached houses. Being built on sloping ground, many of these houses have good broad views in a northerly direction.

Approach off Henshall Road. Leads to Springbank and West Close.

Nearest shops – Wellington Road, Grimshaw Lane.

Nearest pubs – Bayleaf.

Council Ward – North side, Central; south side, West.

West Close is a very short cul de sac with five detached houses standing on steeply sloping ground giving good views.

Bollington Vets are located in the street; they have a small carpark on the right as you enter the street.

There is a page describing the possibilities for the vacant land alongside Henshall Road adjacent to Hall Hill, known as Hall Hill fields.