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Oakenbank Lane


Actually in Rainow parish, this used to be the main road between Bollington and Rainow. I’m not sure when the two villages fell out but it has long since ceased to be a paved road all the way through! At the Bollington end there is a delightful country lane of about half a mile in length providing superb views west across to Kerridge Hill and over old Bollington, and, to the right, across to the Nab.

There are a very few properties on the road, including the cottages pictured, and a couple of farms with driveways off the road. This is as rural as it gets anywhere. Once the tarmac runs out the rough track leads between the fields, up and down, until it reaches the tarmac at the Rainow end about a mile or so up the valley. Very popular for walking and horse riding.


The Gritstone Trail uses part of the lane; the access point to the field path leading to Ingersley Vale is pictured left.

Approach off Ingersley Road via Smithy Brow or straight across at the end of Spuley Lane.

Leads to Rainow (on foot, mountain bike or horse).

Nearest shops – Bollington.

Nearest pubs – Poacher’s Inn. Farm Made Tearoom is also here, the wide entrance by the cottages picture above.

Council Ward – Rainow.