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Smithy Brow, Rainow

(and Blaze Hill)

Cottage on the triangle
at the top of Smithy Brow

Both these roads are in Rainow parish. Smithy Brow runs from the Poacher’s Inn at the end of Ingersley Road up to the junction with Spuley Lane, Blaze Hill and Oakenbank Lane. Blaze Hill continues up to the Macclesfield / Whaley Bridge road. These are both country lanes with very few houses and the occasional farm.

Approach from Ingersley Road.

Leads to Spuley LaneOakenbank Lane, Rainow village, Whaley Bridge.

Nearest shops – Palmerston Street.

Nearest pub – Poacher’s Inn at the bottom of Smithy Brow.

Council Ward – Rainow.

The cottage to the right of the triangle at the top of Smithy Brow used to be the smithy. There are outstanding views from here on up to the higher level of Blaze Hill.

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