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Whiteley Green

(incl Lodge Brow, Sugar Lane, Styperson, Holehouse Lane, Peggies Lane & Redesmere Close)

Sugar Lane
Sugar Lane by Sugar Lane Farm

Whiteley Green is a small rural community of properties, some distant from the public highway, and including the Windmill Inn. There are no shops or services in the area which is entirely in Adlington parish.

Whiteley Green starts against the last house in Adlington Road, Bollington. The first couple of hundred metres is called Lodge Brow, being a winding and narrow road through the wood to the top of the hill and the drive entrance to Lodge Farm. More on brows. Sugar Lane is populated by scattered farms and houses with a concentration around the junction with Holehouse Lane. There is a further group near to Styperson Pool. Holehouse Lane crosses the Macclesfield Canal (br.25) and the Middlewood Way which pass through the area. Redesmere Close is alongside between them, together with a visitor parking area. The Windmill Inn is just below the Middlewood Way. The main part of the hamlet is a collection of nice country houses and cottages, including a working farm, on Holehouse Lane. Peggies Lane branches off here and is the driveway to two houses before becoming a footpath towards Adlington settlement.

Approach off Adlington Road.

Leads to Adlington.

Nearest shops – Palmerston StreetWellington Road.

Nearest pubs – Windmill InnVale Inn.

Council Ward – Adlington.

Sugar Lane continues for more than a mile to its junction with Brookledge Lane beside a canal bridge (br.21). Holehouse Lane is also more than a mile in length, continuing to join the A523 close to Butley Town.

Listed structures

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  Canal bridge No.26, over Macclesfield Canal, Sugar Lane; II, c.1830 by William Crosley, engineer.
  Quarter mile stone, Macclesfield Canal; II, on towpath between Clarence mill and Sugar Lane bridge, c.1830 by William Crosley, engineer.