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(1784 - 1843)
(1782 - 1839)

Married: 1834; Leeds Parish Church, Yorkshire UK
(1814 - 1880)
Frances BROOKE
(1813 - 1846)
 bd.  1814
 dd.  20 Sept 1880, age about 66; Cambridge, UK
 brd.  St John's Church, Bollington, Cheshire UK
 occ.  Cotton mill owner and operator, company director
 rel.  Anglican
 res.  Rock Bank House, Clarence Road, Bollington, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [12],[48]
 bd.  1813
 dd.  4 Sept 1846, age about 33
 brd.  St John's Church, Bollington, Cheshire UK
 rel.  Anglican
 res.  UK
 src.   [12],[48]
Spouses: 1, 2

Martin SWINDELLS II b.1814

Children (4):

Martin SWINDELLS (1836 - 1880)
Hannah SWINDELLS (1845 - )
Frederick SWINDELLS (1845 - )

Notes for Martin SWINDELLS II

After the death of his father, Martin Swindells I, this son, Martin II, together with Joseph Brooke, carried on the business as partners together. But they gave up all the mills except the Clarence.
[Ed. This would have been before they built Adelphi

18 July 1855: lost a leg in a serious accident at the mill when a pile of metalwork fell on him.

Built Adelphi mill with his brother George, opening in 1856.

13th January 1869: retired and left the mills; son Frederick took over.

1872: moved to Cambridge; Rock Bank sold to Fred Wilkinson, director of Brooke, Swindells & Co.

Grave inscription includes: XX September MDCCCLXXX Aged LXVI

Notes for Frances BROOKE

Grave inscription includes: IV September MDCCCXLVI Aged XXXIII


12.  Book, 1973, reprinted 1986, Cotton Town, Wilmslow Historical Society
48.  Email, Fred Rowley, 03 January 2011

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