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Ball Lane

(with Tytherington Lane (part))


Ball Lane was never very long but more than half was lost to the construction of the Silk Road. So now we have two very short sections remaining. The shortest is that adjoining Clarke Lane and it contains one very historic house, Foldarbour.

Parts of this house date back to about 1600. The name, and that of its close neighbour Coldarbour Farm, is derived from early English meaning ‘deserted army shelter’ which harks back to the possibility of Roman activity in the area of which there is other evidence locally.

Approach from Bollington Road via Clarke Lane. The one property has absorbed much of the remaining part of Ball Lane and is now regarded as being on Clarke Lane.

The other part of Ball Lane, on the other side of the Silk Road, is approached from Tytherington Lane, opposite Dumbah Lane. The roundabout in Tytherington Lane marks the entry to the East Tytherington Business Park. Only a few metres of Tytherington Lane is actually in Bollington, the remainder being in Tytherington, part of Macclesfield.

Council Ward – West.