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West Bollington

This part of town extends from the canal aqueduct to the hill in Henshall Road (before its junction with South West Avenue) and is dual centred, on Wellington Road at its junction with Garden Street and Hawthorn Road (left), and a couple of hundred metres away around the Bayleaf Indian Restaurant (previously the Waggon & Horses Inn) on the junction of Wellington Road, Henshall Road, and Grimshaw Lane. The oldest building here is Bollington Hall Farm, half way between the two centres. While stone is used in many buildings, brick is also commonplace with some buildings using it for back and sides and the more modern houses being all in brick. However, the mills were built in stone. The only one remaining here is Adelphi Mill. Waterhouse Mill was demolished in the 1960s and replaced with the modern Kay Metzeler factory. The Kay Metzeler factory has now been replaced with the Waterhouse Mill housing estate and the re-located Co-Op.

Other notable locations include St. Gregory’s Church; the Methodist Church; the Town Hall; the Arts Centre; the Civic Hall with the Library beneath; the course of the old railway, now known as the Middlewood Way; the recreation ground; the small community at the end of Adlington Road.

Going up the hill on Henshall Road towards the junction with South West Avenue marks the boundary with Bollington Cross.