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Cocksheadhey Road

Pronounced Cocks-a-day, this street once provided access to one of the quarries on Beeston hillside. One side is lined by a terrace of stone cottages, the other by modern stone faced properties.

The top end has been extended in modern times into the Nab estate.

Approach off Beeston Mount or Nab Lane.

Leads to Berristall Rise.

Nearest shops – Palmerston Street.

Nearest pubs – Cotton Tree, The Turners, Church House, Poacher’s.

Council Ward – Central.

Bolly B&B is at no.18 (the right most property in the picture).

Listed structures

See Listed Buildings page for the full list and notes regarding Listed, Article 4, and SPD properties.

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  Nab Head Bowl Barrow; II, Bowl barrows, the most numerous form of round barrow, are funerary monuments dating from the Late Neolithic period to the Late Bronze Age, with most examples belonging to the period 2400-1500 BC. Accessible via public footpath at north end of Cocksheadhey Road.


This street is in the Bollington Conservation Area. Numbers 2-18 are subject to Article 4 Direction.