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Nab Lane

(including Nab Close, Berristall Rise)

Nab Lane from Shrigley Road


The Nab estate which includes Nab Lane, Nab Close, Berristall Rise, part of Cocksheadhey Road and the last bit of Shrigley Road is at the very north east corner of Bollington. All properties are detached houses or bungalows with spacious gardens on the lower slopes of Nab Hill providing outstanding views for many.

Approach off Shrigley Road.

Leads to Nab Close, Berristall Rise, Cocksheadhey Road.

Nearest shops – Palmerston Street.

Nearest pubs – Cotton Tree, The Turners, Church House, Poacher’s.

Council Ward – Central.

Berristall Rise is not named on the map below but is located to the left of Cocksheadhey Road opposite the left hand end of ‘Nab Headey’. Note that there is no such place as ‘Nab Headey’! This is actually the top part of Nab Lane.

Cocksheadhey Road and Berristall Rise both provide access to the footpath up the Nab.

Nab Close