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Amy Greg

Samuel and Mary Greg’s daughter Amy (right), born in 1840 at Turner Heath, and lived most of her life at Mount. Amy was unmarried and lived with her parents, occupying part of her time with painting in watercolours. She died in 1900. A collection of her watercolours is kept in the Cheshire county archives. Some examples can be seen below. She was also a teacher at the school in Lowerhouse created by her father.

This collection of her work came to light and all of the almost 40 paintings were set on and around the Mount estate. This particular collection is known to have been painted in or around 1898. Many of the views are easily identifiable today and it is interesting to see the differences in the scenes.

One notable aspect of the pictures is that they contain only the slightest indication of any industrialisation – pictures over Lowerhouse omit the mill; those over Bollington show little sign of the railway or the mills. Clarence and Adelphi would have been clearly visible but there is nothing of them. There seems to me to be two possible reasons for this. Maybe she wished to express the romantic view of the world in which there was no place for the greater works of man.

Alternatively, maybe this omission was a reflection of her father’s attitude to his mill. In the mid 1840s he fell out with his workers and never set foot in the mill again. One can only imagine what might have been said behind the closed doors of the Mount!



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