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Married: 6 Feb 1815; Prestbury, Cheshire
Samuel JOULE
(1787 - 1861)
(1794 - ~1860)
 bd.  1787; Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
 dd.  1861, age about 74
 occ.  c.1820-1831 Cotton spinner at Sowcar mill, Bollington
c.1831-1841 moved to manage Hough Hole mill, Rainow
1844 moved to manage Mill Brook mill, Rainow, cotton spinning
<1861 engaged in silk trimming
 res.  c.1820s: probably Hillside Farm, Mill Lane, Rainow*
1851: Pedley House, Rainow, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [14],[168]
 bd.  1794; Rainow, Cheshire
 dd.  About 1860, age about 66
 res.  Pedley House, Rainow, Cheshire, UK
 src.   [168]

Children (6):

Joseph JOULE (1816 - 1851)
John JOULE (1817 - 1890)
Samuel JOULE (1819 - 1877)
Frederick JOULE
Jabez JOULE (1825 - 1870)
Jesse JOULE (1830 - 1911)

Notes for Samuel JOULE

Tenant of Pedley House, Rainow in 1851. In business with son John (silk & cotton) at Millbrook Mill, Rainow. [14],[168]

* Mill Lane, Rainow is actually off the end of Ingersley Road, Bollington, just beside the Poachers Inn. Hillside Farm in Mill Lane is adjacent to the stream that comes from Lima Clough. On an old map (supplied by Tom Swailes), I saw the last bit of the stream is called Joules Brook.

I am confident the Joules Brook got its name from the family, not the brewery, as it was so called 100 years before the brewery connection.

A confusion is that at one time the Joules brewery, based in Stone, Staffordshire, owned the Poachers Inn, then called The Masonic Arms and established in 1933. The conveyance to Joules (from Ind Coope) was dated 1944 and did not include the then separate but attached property at the corner of Mill Lane. Joules bought this too in 1952, presumably to extend the inn. [168]


14.  Email, Jacky Rodger, 13 January 2009
168.  Email, Bridget Franklin, 23/05/2023

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