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BirthFemale; 1845
DeathBefore 1886, age about 40
Web Page James Turner and family

Alice TURNER 1845-1886


BirthMale; 1851
DeathBefore 1890, age about 38
ResidenceOrme's Smithy, Smithy Brow, Rainow
Mill Lane, Rainow, Cheshire, UK
Marriage Details not recorded
Children (4):Emma (~1875 - )
Mary Jane (1876 - )
Maud A
Minnie (~1880 - 1936)

Notes for Alice TURNER

Alice and her husband died early leaving four children. Alice's sister Mary took a major part in their upbringing. [140]

Family notes for Alice TURNER and James BRADLEY

The family lived in a cottage on Mill Lane, off Ingersley Road, but after the death of their parents, five of the younger daughters moved into the village and in 1901 were living at 26 & 28 Palmerston Street next door to their aunt, Mary Bunting. [144]


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