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DeathDeceased, age unknown
ResidenceUnited Kingdom


Married, 1815
Death4 Oct 1830
Death MemoDied leaving a young family and an inadequate Will. Required a private Act of Parliament to enable his executors to rent out Lowerhouse mill in order to provide an income for his family. A copy of the Act is available on the web site (link below).
OccupationCotton mill builder and operator
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Web Page happyvalley.org.uk/?page_id=5035
Marriage 17 May 1815
No children recorded on this database

Notes for Philip ANTROBUS

Built Lowerhouse mill, Bollington (1819); he and his father built several mills in the town as well as houses including Mount, Turner Heath House, and The Rookery.

Family notes for Mary BROOKE and Philip ANTROBUS

Sequence of child births not established.

Database record last updated 14 November 2016

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