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Moss Brow

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Moss Brow once called Hall Lane was the original road from the main route at Bollington Cross to Lowerhouse and it`s mill before Albert Road was built. At the Lowerhouse end (pictured) there is a delightful collection of stone cottages. At the far end of the terrace shown there is a path along the front of Long Row terrace.

At the Bollington Cross end there are old stone cottages and a house on one side and more modern detached houses opposite.

Approach off Albert Road or Bollington Road (very narrow).

Leads to Moss LaneLong Row.

Nearest shops – West Bollington.

Nearest pubs – BayleafCock & Pheasant.

Council Ward – West.

  Moss Brow is a very old country lane and that part of it which travels through fields is, other than the tarmac surface, very probably much as it was many hundreds of years ago, and the hedges are equally ancient. On an old map it is marked as Moss Lane and was probably part of the route that now includes Moss Brow and Moss Lane. The word brow would normally refer to the steep bit at the Bollington Cross end. See Brows. See Albert Road for an old map covering this area.


The whole of Moss Brow is protected within the Bollington Cross & Lowerhouse Conservation Area.

Listed structures

See Listed Buildings page for the full list and notes regarding Listed, Article 4, and SPD properties.

The links on the structures are to the Historic England web site. Any links to local history pages are to this web site.

  1 Moss Brow, The Corner Shop; II, House with 17thC core. (Local history page).
    9 Moss Brow; II, Farmhouse, 17thC.
    11 Moss Brow; II, Formerly part of a farmhouse, late 17thC. Originally an extension to 9 Moss Brow.
    Moss Cottage, Moss Brow: II, formally a barn, 18thC.